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Hi Andy,
I just wanted to give you an update on Yogi, the lab we got on July 3rd.  He is amazing, his personality comes out more and more each day. He loves to sit on the first steps of our pool to refresh himself. He has just managed to climb on the sofa by himself and gets off by himself. He does everything my two other little dogs (Chihuahuas) do.  He has just been amazing. The first picture was taken at 8 weeks then 11 weeks and 15 weeks old.  Thanks again for breeding such wonderful dogs.  Yogi is very much loved by everyone and will have a wonderful life with us.

Lorraine Deaguiar



Good Day Andy,

We would like to thank you for our new chocolate Labrador Retriever that we received over the July 4th holiday weekend in 2015. We named her "Sunny" and she is a wonderful addition to our home. She has a bountiful amount of energy and is loved by everyone. We have attached a few photos of Sunny. She is growing fast. Once again, thank you for your dedication to breeding Labrador Retrievers and placing them in wonderful homes.


Aline and Harris


Hi Andy,

Thank you so much for breeding such amazing dogs! Our little Bowen, who is one of Bella's and Woody's puppies, is gorgeous!! He has slept through the night since day one and was so easy to train. He has brought so much joy to our lives! I have pasted a few photos of him below :) thank you again!

Alex, John and Bowen Breault


It's been 4 months since we brought Duke home and I thought I would write to let you know how satisfied we are with our puppy.  We requested a handsome dog that would likely love to hunt, and that is exactly what you delivered.  Duke is doing full duck retrieves out of ponds already and he's not even six months old.  I should add that my three children adore him and he adores them - and he's particularly affectionate with our 2 year old.  He wasted little time becoming a beloved member of the family.  Andy, seldom does one encounter a person with your integrity, honesty, and love of dogs.  I would recommend you to anyone.
 All the best,
Derek and Alina Leon

P.S.  Here is a picture of Duke at 5 months trying to figure out how to get at the duck in the crate!






Dear Andy,
 I wanted to tell you how much we have enjoyed Brody ever since we laid our eyes on him. We brought him home at 8 weeks old and within 24 hours, he was ringing the cow bell (in his crate) to go outside to relieve himself. If he has to go outside to relieve himself when he isn't in his crate, he will wait by the door and if we don't see him, he will go inside his crate and ring the cow bell. He learned the basic training commands (sit, lie down, shake, rollover, crawl, wipe his paws, and retrieve) before he was 4 months old. Brody is now 5 months old and has added catching a Frisbee and swimming in the local lake to his accomplishments.
Brody is a beautiful Chocolate Labrador Retriever and everyone that sees him tells us the same thing. We take him to a Dog Park approximately four times per week, so he can socialize with other dogs and can get his exercise. Once Brody starts to get tired at the Dog Park, he will go lay down inside a baby pool and everyone laughs at him. The other dogs just wait outside the baby pool for Brody to come out and play again.
I want to thank you for being so helpful with purchasing Brody, helping us select him, and all of the advice you have provided us. I have attached a few pictures of Brody.  We think he looks just like his father Jake.

Steve & Lisa Maloney


Good Morning Andy,

Years ago our mutual friend Lazaro (Pepe) Rodriguez, who is my neighbor and you either know him from being an architect or a hunter (sorry I don’t remember), gave me your information because I wanted a Chocolate Lab. I got Sonar from a litter that I remember the father’s name was Bear (or I think it was). I remember getting Sonar at 8 weeks. Sonar passed about 1-1/2 years ago. Sonar was with me before I got married, before I had kids. Not only was he a great looking dog, he was noble, and had a great instinct. Sonar never liked change too much. He acted up after I got married, even though my wife went with me to pick him up as a puppy and was at my house with him almost every day. When we moved to our current house, he also acted up for some time. Sonar knew both times my wife was pregnant, before we did. He would come and put his head on her stomach. With our second daughter, he put his head on her stomach, I remember both my wife and I looking at each other; almost as if we knew what he was telling us. A few days later we found out we were having our 2nd baby. Sonar was great with our two girls. Chloe, my oldest that is 5 years old, is not too much of a dog lover. Emilee, that is 3, loved Sonar more than anything. She was only 1 -1/2 when he passed and she still asks me about him, especially at mass she asks if he is there, and when he’s coming back.
We held off on getting a new dog. First, because last May we had our third and last baby, our son Eduardo. Also, Sonar is not easy to replace. Losing Sonar was very hard for us, he lived indoors and was very much part of our everyday life. He was loved, as much as any pet could be loved, and he was a very happy dog. Everyone in the house has been asking me to get a puppy, and honestly I’ve been holding off, but I think now is a good time. I want my kids to have a pet, I think it teaches them responsibility and to care for something other than themselves or material things. I was wondering if you were expecting a litter sometime close to summer. We definitely would like a chocolate lab, and a male.

I’ve attached a few pictures of Sonar and our time with him. He loved the boat. I hope this email finds you and your family doing very well, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Carlos J Bengochea Jr


My granddaughters with one of my puppies. 

Below is an email their mother sent me:


Today I was reading the testimonials in your website at work, and my heart was filled with pride. You have given so much joy to so many families by the wonderful dogs you breed. I loved reading about how much your costumers respect you as a breeder and how they consider you a friend. That is a difficult balance in business and a great achievement. After only a few days with Meli, I have realized that you have the best job in the world. It must be amazing to see how excited people are when they take their puppy home, and know that you made it possible. I'm very proud of you and I love you very much.




Andy and Bettina,

Thank you so much for bringing such joy into our lives with the new addition to the family, Simba. He has been especially important to us since we lost our previous Lab that we had purchased from you (Rocky).
You are the only breeder we would go to get our dogs!

Juan & Alejandra


The Mechaber’s returned 4 years after their first Greenhead Lab and added another member to their family.  Here you see Sebastian & Duke hanging out!



Thank you for my new friend and future hunting partner.  She’s everything I wanted.




Here are a few photos of Bear trying out the pool with me and my nephew.  He's getting big and has a strong personality, is good with kids and enjoyed having a house full for the holiday.  I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Best Regards,



Dear Andy,

Attached is a picture that is truly worth 1,000 words from me!  We sincerely thank you for the wonderful care you took raising the new yellow Lab puppies.  I also want to thank you for your kindness and patience with my family while we made our puppy selection.  As it turned out, we are so pleased as a family with "Coral".  She is so very sweet, clearly smart as a whip, and just perfect for us!  Coral had her first check-up appointment today with Dr. Small, our vet at the Veterinary Animal Hospital at Lakewood Ranch.  He checked her thoroughly and pronounced her in excellent health and condition.  He was very impressed with her physically, as well as with her calm and cooperative temperament.  He complimented us on our selection of breeders based on his examination, and declared we have an exceptional yellow Labrador Retriever.  Once again, thank you for your terrific help and cooperation.

David Brown



Our new puppy is doing great!  Here are a few pictures of Drake at 12 weeks.  He has already learned the commands of sit, hear, and heel.  So far the training process has been very easy.  He loves to retrieve!  Thanks for all your advise and for welcoming us into your home every week to see the puppies!  I will continue to refer you to our friends and hunting community.

Roberto Herrera



Carolyn promised to send you some pictures.  These are pictures of "Storm", from Sweet Merengue X Brigham.  He is incredibly intelligent and fast to learn, and his activity level is wearing us out.  At 10 weeks he is already retrieving very well.  We think he is a great looking dog!  These pics were taken at ten weeks and 2 days of age.  Thanks again, we could not have been any happier with our choice of puppy.

Bill Kurth



Emma has become an awesome addition to our family.  We are enjoying her so much!  Thanks again,

Larry Tilton


Dear Andy,

Hilit and I and the girls are thrilled to have Sebastian as part of the family now.  Our older Lab is still adjusting, but growing warmer to him each day.
We can't thank you enough for how wonderful you made the process.  The girls loved being able to see the puppies each week and your advice/guidance has been invaluable.
Hope all is well with your wonderful family.

Best regards,
Alex J. Mechaber


I want to thank you first, and express my sincerest appreciation for the experience my family and I had in purchasing our puppy (Eli) from you.  You went above and beyond before, during, and most importantly, after the sale.  You are a great breeder and a true friend.  Your advice, counseling, and recommendations have been much appreciated and priceless.
Eli is now 8 months young and is our best friend.  A beautiful 80 pound hunk and growing.  Loves to swim, play with the cats - and they play back - and makes friends with everyone he meets and every dog as well.  The funniest thing he does is he sits patiently and stares at our parrot and waits for him to toss him a peanut.  The bird and the dog have a great relationship, and the bird loves to feed him.  This is the most trusting family dog I've ever had.  And I've had many.  Thanks again and will be in touch when Eli is about 1 and 1 half years to get a second dog.

Stuart, Amparo, & Justin
South Miami, FL

Hello, Andy,
Here is a picture of Ruby, our 9 month old puppy, daughter of Red and Brownie.  She is an amazing companion and the most intelligent dog we have ever owned.  The knowledge you have shared with us on this breed over the past months has been priceless, and your love for Labradors is evident in the dogs you breed.  I have plans to give Ruby a sister next year, so keep me in mind when breeding chocolates.

Best regards,

Eddie & Glenda Garrido
Homestead, FL

Hi Andy,

I wanted to send you an update as well as a picture of our beautiful puppy Cali.  The picture I am attaching is of her playing in a pool, which we cannot keep her out of!!! She is everything you said she would be personality wise.  She is such a social dog and loves being around people as well as other dogs.  We took her to the vet a week ago and she weighed in at a whopping 23 pounds!!! I am sure she is no longer the runt of her litter.  We have truly enjoyed having her so far and have recommended you to many other families.  In fact, when I was at the vet the other day, one of the technicians said that Cali was one of the best looking and well behaved yellow lab puppies she had seen in a long time.   She wanted your information to contact you about getting a puppy in the future!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a great new year.  Tell your grandson that Cali's favorite toy to play with is the floating play toy he gave us.  Thank you again for such a wonderful puppy!!

Misha and Ward Ebbert

My experience with Greenhead Labs was on of honor, trust, quality, reliability and handled in a professional manor by professionals. After researching several breeders in my area, my decision to purchase my Lab from Greenhead Labs was based on their 30+ years of experience and knowledge in breeding high quality Labs.  Needless to say, I am currently the proud father of a 16 week old yellow Lab named T- REX Butter Ball Craig we brought home from Greenhead Labs. For the record, my 6 year old son picked out the name. I don’t have a lot of experience in buying pets, however, the breeding results in my opinion, were the best I’ve seen in my search, producing top notch quality pups. The level of comfort I felt after visiting his ranch with my 6 year old son was as though I was visiting a member of the family. That’s how welcomed they made us feel. Bottom line, this breeder is true to his word and guarantees what he delivers.  Looking elsewhere will be your biggest mistake.

 If you would like to see more pictures or have questions about my experience please feel free in contacting.  

 Lewis E Craig, ACSR, CPIA, Sr. Underwriter /SERO



Dear Andy,
Here is Caramela - chocolate angel  - with her incredible  and beautiful handler, Jessie Herzon.   Caro won Winners Bitch and Best of Winners on the second day of the West Palm Beach shows in July.  I am very proud and happy. 

You can also see her as a Therapy Dog…she assists children with Reading skills. Incidentally, Caramela will turn 2 years old on August 30th.  I plan to make a fuss!!!!

Love,  Maki


Hi Andy!
Just an update on Max.  He was great on the trip back, laid with his head on my lap and slept at times.  He was quiet when we got him home, but by evening he was playing with his toys, running around, and seemed really happy.  On Monday we took him to the store for a couple of hours, and he was a little timid.  By Tuesday he was the Mayor of the store.  He has made dog and cat friends, and he is an adorable, cuddly affectionate pup.  I don't know how much training you have given him in retrieving, but when you through a toy for him to chase, he lays it at your feet.  Over and over again, he doesn't try to keep it, he gives it back to us. I'm attaching a couple of pictures, and thank you again for our remarkable, wonderful and adorable Max.

Mary and Eddie

PS - Eddie is in love with him!


Hi, Andy,
Here is a picture of Kody.  He is 15 months old, and as you can see, he is the image of his father "Red".  I can't begin to tell you how happy Sergio and I are, he is a wonderful, loving, gentle, and best of all, a happy, healthy dog.  He enjoys being around us, loves meeting people, and loves the water.  Everyone who meets Kody can't believe how beautiful and big he is.  We never expected to become so attached to him, to us, he is a part of the family.  I am very pleased with Kody and hope in the near future to get a second dog from you.  Thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.  We are truly happy with Kody.

Thank you,
Maria and Sergio Rodriguez


We are so happy with our new Labrador (Brook), one of Paloma's puppies.  She is exceptionally smart, and was in the water swimming, retrieving, and diving underwater.  She is also as sweet as her mother, and loves every dog and human she meets.  She is 7 months old now & weighs 55 pounds.  She was the most yellow of the litter and is so outstanding that wherever we go people want to know what breeder we purchased her from and call her a Beauty!  She also rides on the back of a kayak with no complaints.  We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with her and may be in touch with you soon to get a playmate for her.  Greenhead Labradors was definitely the best experience we have had in adopting a puppy and we would like to thank you for all your guidance and advice.

Sherry and Don Howard


Mia (from the Jan 2 litter) is growing beautifully.  She has a gentle temperament and is quite obedient.  We are so happy to have her, she loves the beach, and goes kayaking with me.  My children adore her as does my other dog...as you can see in the picture, they get along great!  I hope all is well.

Karen Rodriguez


Hi Andy and Bettina,

This is our chico perro, his name is Jesse (see attached photo).  He is from litter born Feb 3, 2006, with Mallard, the jumper, and Paloma II.  He is beautiful, intelligent, and has his father's trait for jumping.  The kids love him.  The young boy, Andrew, is super crazy about him (see attached picture).

Miss you guys,
Fred and Natalie Fernandez


Hope all is well with you, your family and the Labs!  As yesterday marked Calon's 4 month birthday, I thought I'd take the opportunity to send you some photos to show you how much he's grown.  Calon has been such a wonderful addition to our home.  We just completed a positive training basic obedience class and Calon picked up on all his commands so quickly.  The trainer was quite impressed with him, as were we!!  By far though, Calon's favorite pass time is swimming, he dives right in under the waves...it's funny to watch!!
Thanks again for everything.

Nivea Mazzoni, from the island of Anguila


We just lost our yellow female yellow lab, Gertie.  We got her from you.  Her mom was Lady.  She was a wonderful girl.  She would have been 13 this April 22nd.  Just saw your website and wanted to say thank you for 13 great years!  Here's a picture of her from not too long ago.

Diane and John Miller


Ruby is a JEWEL!  Thank you, Andy & Bettina.  You really went the extra mile to get her to us on our coffee farm in Puerto Rico safely. 
Plus, your ongoing friendship and support are just simply great!

Suzanne & Ed Jorgensen
Finca Del Seto
Jayuya, Puerto Rico


I don't know if you remember me, my name is Isabel, and I bought one of your pups about three years ago.  I named him Bullet Hunter.  I just wanted to enclose a picture of him so you can see how he turned out.  He is a really beautiful and lovable dog.  Everyone that comes across him has to come to greet him because they are amazed at how beautiful he is and of his bone structure. I had him trained and he really did excellent on his obedience. I love him so much, and I'm so happy that I found you when I did.  I remember petting his father, mother, and siblings.  I will refer anyone that wants a Lab to you.  Thank you, Andy, hope you are doing well.